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Groom & Consume Low-Moisture Spotting Kit

Groom & Consume Low-Moisture Spotting Kit

Groom & Consume Low-Moisture Spotting Kit

Groom & Consume Low-Moisture Spotting Kit

Model Number: SYN-GCTKit
There is no doubt that a persistent commitment to interim carpet cleaning offers tremendous long-term benefits:
- Preserves carpet fibers and backing from the abrasion of embedded soil
- Reduces occupant exposure to allergens
- Reduces carpet as a breading ground for bacteria
- Reduces tracking of soil
- Improves overall building appearance
But until now, it meant pulling out heavy equipment, soaking carpets with water and creating more problems than the cleaning solves.
Introducing, the Groom & Consume Tool for Spotting
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The "Groom & Consume" Carpet Spotting Tool introduces one of the fastest and yet least expensive methods for low-moisture spotting of commercial carpets. 

It is an integral part of the Synergy Solutions for Cleaning

When used with Synergy Consume, this 2-In-1 Tool effectively and efficiently:

  • Delivers digestive enzymes directly to organic soils
  • Naturally eliminates organic [food-stuff] spots and stains
  • Transfers soil from the carpet to the pad to the laundry 
  • Grooming the carpet fibers
  • Reducing your capital investment in equipment (goes anywhere, without electricity)
  • Works FAST! (takes about 1 minute to use)
  • Works in harmony with Synergy Capture

To see the entire Synergy Carpet Cleaning System in Action, please follow this LINK

Click HERE to read the full product use directions in English or Spanish.  

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