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Envirotab Home Care Tablets – 24 x 1 gram Tablets

Envirotab Home Care Tablets - 24 x 1 gram Tablets

Envirotab Home Care Tablets - 24 x 1 gram Tablets

Envirotab Home Care Tablets - 24 x 1 gram Tablets

Model Number: HC1GX24
Take control of some of the toughest cleaning and deodorizing jobs around the house with the Envirotab Home Care Kit.
ONE tablet is dissolved in either of TWO volumes of water to create a Low Concentration or High Concentration solution.

Be sure to read the below description and specification pages for more details.
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The Envirotab Home Care Tablets puts either of TWO solutions in your hands that can assist with some of the toughest cleaning and deodorizing tasks round your house. Jobs like...

Low - Concentration (1 tablet to 32oz of water):

  1. Micro-scum removal from bacteria and other microbes
  2. Deodorizing pets and pet areas - even removes the smell from skunks
  3. Cleaning and de-sliming washing machines
  4. Descaling coffee makers
  5. Washing fruits & vegetables of pesticide and other residues
  6. Humidor cleaner and conditioner
  7. Cleaning and deodorizing coolers, ice chests and water coolers
  8. Deodorizing cutting boards and utensils

High-Concentration (1 tablet to 16oz of water):

  1. Mold & mildew stain removal 
  2. Dishwasher descaling
  3. Shower, tub & tile cleaner
  4. Heavy duty deodorizer - trash cans, sports gear, pet bedding, and more
  5. Refrigerator crisper cleaner & preservative
  6. Garbage disposal cleaner
  7. Commercial ice machine & air conditioner cleaner

Drop-In to Use: 

  1. Toilet tank cleaner & delimer
  2. Humidifier cleaner & water conditioner
  3. Travel mug or coffee/tea cup destainer

There are a few more minor details that are explained on the instructions, so be sure to read all of the included materials. 

Click HERE to read the full product use directions in English or Spanish.  

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