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Air Envirotizer – Gel ClO2 Clean Air Dispenser Kit

Air Envirotizer - Gel ClO2 Clean Air Dispenser Kit

Air Envirotizer - Gel ClO2 Clean Air Dispenser Kit

Air Envirotizer - Gel ClO2 Clean Air Dispenser Kit

Model Number: Gel-Kit
Get a healthy, safe and steady release of ClO2 for rooms of up to 10' x 10' for up to 45 days with our Air Envirotizer (Indoor Air Quality) Gel Dispensing System. Don't live with odors...Envirotize them!

This Starter Kit comes with:
- (1) Gel Dispenser with adjustable release cap
- (1) Water measuring cup
- (1) Gel-generating powder pouch
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Manufacturer: Envirotize, Inc
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Get perpetually cleaner air with our Slow-Release Products...

Here are just a few application suggestions: 

  1. Gel Kit - sports lockers, fitness rooms, restroom, changing areas, closets.
  2. 20 Gram Granule Sachets -  gym bags, suitcases, refrigerators*, small vehicles, storage bins, cabinets, laundry closets, diaper pails, etc.
  3. 50 Gram Granule Sachets - strategic placement in locker rooms, restrooms, pet bedding and litter box areas, in automobiles, trucks, etc.
  4. Granule Sachet Cabinets - fits both the 20 g and 50 g sachets and can be mounted on walls or tossed in gym bags or under car seats.

What are the known benefits of Slow Release of ClO2: 

  1. Steady odor control, denaturing the organic processes that contribute to foul odors
  2. Cleaning the air of contaminants - we are not allowed to be more specific, and make any human health claims
  3. *Extend the storage life of fruits, vegetables and flowers. 
  4. Inhibit invasion from small pests that can sense, and don't like the fragrance. 

Click HERE to read the full product use directions in English or Spanish.  

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